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In the beginning...

In the beginning, there was darkness. A darkness so vast that it was said even light felt a bit skittish about being near it. It was then that a God of spirit and vitality pulled order from the abyss. The Great Arthur Dent brought reality to a thundering start, creating the heavens and the earth, the mountains and the seas, and reportedly the Pan Galactic Garble Blaster, before promptly retiring to live the good life in a sunny Beach house right by the water (there has been an ongoing debate as to whether Dent's creation of the universe was actually the biproduct of beach house construction, the world may never know).

At about this time, the other immortals started popping in from random dimensions, looking for a cup of sugar here, a Carterian Horn of Pure Destruction there, and many, for unknown reasons, decided to stay. It was over this long period of time that the Great Ones, led by the likes of Dragonstar, Ford Prefect, Destroyer, Ravnos, and others divided the worlds up between them, embracing the strange new creatures known only as 'players' with a patience that only the Gods themselves could comprehend. It was at the time that one of the Great Ones emerged from amogst the others bringing a horrific War for the Mastery. He was known by many names, among them Lupus, Butter, and most commonly Blackheart The Terror, and was said to have been here from the start, lurking about, inventing space-time, peeking in windows, what have you. It was during these climactic battles that the planet Earth, focus of most Gods' attentions was broken into several huge pieces, but more about that later.

The war dragged on for millenia, causing the development of things known as 'races' and 'professions' in an attempt to gain the upperhand. The embattled Immortals had no way of knowing that the curious creatures called players were stealing these creations and having their own battles just as the Gods did. One group rose above this and set out to create something beautiful in the self-destructing universe. It was these bold men and women that invented The Sandwich and hence the Sandwich Guild rose to power. Unfortunately, at about this time a devastating new weapon was invented known only as 'Bewm'. Very soon after the War came to an abrupt halt, with Dragonstar and Blackheart the Marginally Sane in control. Under their inspired rule, StarMUD began to prosper again, as all opposition was crushed. Immediatly they destroyed the Guild capitol, leaving no more than a smoldering husk. The Guild however, was not wholey destroyed but was driven underground.

The years past and many mortal lives went by as the carnage mounted. Soon many new planets were colonized as space travel and teleporting became all the rage among StarMUD's chic. From time to time, full scale wars broke out between players, instigated for immortal amusement apparently, and the StarMUD we all know and tolerate took shape.


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